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Balsamic Dressing.

It is produced from white grape must, acetified and aged in oak barrels.
It has a typical gold yellow colour. Its most striking feature is that it does not alter the colour of dishes but adds a fruity and mildly acid aroma and flavour (excellent
instead of wine vinegar).

From 1 until 6 years the product is liquid and suitable for everyday
use, on salads, meat, fish and to make sauces and dips. (Of course 6 years is a bit thicker than 2 years…).
The products aged 8 and 10 years are thicker (creamy) and suitable also on fruit and desserts (ice-cream, pancakes…) besides the above uses.
The balsamic Vinegars PONTEVECCHIO are colouring (caramel) and preservative free.

White Balsamic Vinegar in a Spray Bottle

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